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Extra Virgin Olive Oil cl. 75 - 2020/2021

oil-75evo Azienda Zacheo


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Olive oil from traditional varieties of olives, such as "Cellina di Nardò" and "Ligurian olives" and new varieties such as "Leccino" and "Frantoio", which were harvested directly from the tree with umbrella shaking machines during the revitalization phase, suitably mixed and crushed in our low temperature oil mill, produce on average an oil with a 0.5 degree acidity, with a delicate taste and a fruity aroma of olive pulp with light oxidation, light almond, sweet, greenish color lit with golden yellow reflections and bitter and greenish streaks. Excellent food that, by its characteristics, is used raw to season salads, vegetables, fish, legumes, grilled meat and other delicacies of our land.
olio   extravergine   oliva